serviceHigh-quality and stable operation of any water treatment system requires, first of all, high-quality service, which includes timely preventive maintenance work.

Any water - whether it is industrial water used by enterprises, or drinking water that supplies water to civilian buildings - contains pollutants that inevitably settle on the units of water treatment plants during their operation.

Periodic service of cleaning systems is a mandatory criterion for their stable operation. Without regular maintenance, the life of your water treatment equipment will be significantly reduced, which can lead to premature failure of the entire system.

Only regular service work can ensure high efficiency of water treatment systems.

The company "Water Workshop" always cares about its customers and provides them with the opportunity not only to purchase a high-quality water treatment system, but also to constantly use services for its maintenance.

Services include:

  • installation, adjustment and start-up of water treatment equipment;
  • replacement of cartridges, filtering and consumables;
  • flushing and cleaning equipment (electronic valve, brine tank, etc.);
  • repair or replacement of parts that are out of order;
  • equipment operability check.

You can always contact us for advice on maintenance, and our specialists will tell you how often you need to change cartridges and other replaceable elements, when you need to completely replace the filter media, how many times a year to clean the control valve and other issues.

By purchasing a water purification system from us, the client is optionally entered into a special service database. By telephone, we will remind you that the time for service has come and together with you we will determine the date and time of arrival of our masters.

You can also use our service, even if you did not purchase the water treatment plant from us.