logo origWe, the company "Мастерская воды" (TM Aqua Factory), have been working with professional water purification systems since 2009. Over the years, we have gained tremendous experience, which we have applied in organizing our own production of tableted salt and polypropylene cartridges.

Our specialists underwent training in foreign companies to improve their qualifications and apply knowledge in practice.

Our own chemical laboratory allowed us to conduct a series of experiments with local water, and advanced equipment to produce quality products that are already sold in construction supermarkets and through a dealer network throughout Ukraine.

Our food table salt "Extra" is compressed in the form of tablets and packaged in bags of 25 and 10 kg. Such tableted salt is widely used to soften water (the so-called "softening"), for example, in the production of medicines, juices or at home, for water from wells. One 25 kg bag of tableted salt is enough to soften drinking water for a family of 4 for 1-2 months, which is much more effective than using tableted salt from other manufacturers. We also make dishwasher salt in 1 kg packaging.

Universal polypropylene cartridges of the most demanded sizes and degrees of water filtration (20 types in total) are new products of our production, which are necessarily used for mechanical water purification from rust, sand or other insoluble impurities.

Environmentally friendly polypropylene is used as a raw material for production, suitable for contact with food and drinking water. Modern high-tech equipment allows us to obtain a quality product at competitive prices. Such cartridges are popular and in demand in the Ukrainian water treatment market, as they are universal and suitable for any equipment.